The new happiness formula for beauty

Seven o'clock in the morning. The first glance in the mirror: your complexion appears tired, your skin lacks tone. Under eye fine lines and wrinkles are exposed and a gray haze veils your face. What does this mean? Should you resign yourself to this or should you do something about it? Boldly accept the signs of time, but defend against its visible signs. Growing old is not for the meek. Be your true self. Now a new happiness formula for beauty is available. Wear it with self-confidence.

Since labiocome's founding in 1985, we have been developing intelligent skin care formulas, specialty products and beauty treatments to combat the signs of aging skin.

In this effort, we are constantly expanding our research and development. We are the industry trendsetters when it comes to modern beauty techniques. Our highly effective skin care products and the special quality of our beauty treatments are most effective in combination with professional guidance and advice. Because in the end, it all comes down to one thing: results, results, results: A select group of highly qualified cosmetologists provide the happiness formula for beauty. In other words, a total beauty therapy.

* Nicht in allen Kosmetikstudios.


The new happiness formula for beauty

Machen Sie es wie die Filmstars. Ein strahlend schöner Teint bleibt dank „labiocome“ kein Traum von Hollywood. Große Poren, unreine Haut, Verkrustungen? Aquabration und Microdermabration!

Besuchen Sie alle 28 Tage Ihr Kosmetikstudio. Falten, Fältchen, Ringe unter den Augen? Eine kleine Beautykur von 4 Treatments in einem Monat sorgt für Ihre Schönheit.


Klassische Kosmetikbehandlungen

  • Gesichtsmassage
  • Aloe-Vera-Maske
  • Bioenergiemassage
  • Anti-Stress-Treatment
  • Caribbean Therapy
  • Hawaii-Maske
  • Magnetfeld-Massage
  • Aloe-Microlift
  • Kaltlaser
  • Sonophorese
  • ICE-Wellen-Facen
  • Farblichtbehandlungen
  • Aromatherapie
  • Wohlfühlmassage
  • Entspannungstreatment
  • Face-Pointer-Methode
  • Hautstraffung mit Biomolekülen
  • Faltenfüller
  • Lifestyle for woman
  • klassische Massagen aus fünf Kontinenten

Kosmetische Spezialmethoden

  • Bioface-Lifting
  • Ultraschall
  • Lifting mit Seide
  • Quattro-Dimension
  • Betagen-Hautkur
  • Shiatsu
  • Microdermabration
  • Sauerstoff-Transmission
  • Eismaske
  • VCH-Beautylaser
  • Biodermabration
  • AntiTox
  • Magnetmassage
  • Kosmetische Sonopunktur
  • Gingko-Vitalmassage
  • Postsolar Treatment
  • Green-Peel-Lifting
  • Anti-Falten-Kur
  • Faltenmilderung
  • Meso Estetica