Skin tolerance test

Finding the perfect skin care routine isn't easy. Which products should I use? What works against wrinkles? What helps against blemishes and impurities? Is it compatible with my skin? And how are the products applied? Which skin care routine is the most effective? What should I do in the morning? And at night? To ensure that you follow your skin care routine correctly, your cosmetologist will start by performing a skin examination.

Sound advice based on a professional skin analysis is the foundation for lasting skin care success. A detailed analysis performed at the Beauty Clinic for Skin Diagnostics provides important information for your perfect skin care routine.

Skin analysis can retain beauty

Serious beauty therapy begins with a "look into the depths of your skin" and a skin condition examination:

  • Moisture/hydration content
  • Elasticity
  • Skin thickness
  • Cell spacing
  • Wrinkle-depth

This is followed by a skin tolerance test culminating in a detailed consultation outlining how best to apply skin care products at home - to achieve perfect results.

Most labiocome partner institutes offer modern computerized skin analysis methods. Labiocome partner institutes provide you with a detailed skin and body care plan. Facial gymnastics, at-home massage instructions, as well as mask and nutrition tips are also provided. All-in-all a real stroke of luck for your beauty.


Skin tolerance test


The labiocome system convinces with skin care products that are tailor-made for the specific treatment. We offer two skin care lines for sensitive skin with skin-identical substances:

  • Botanica Therapy
  • Sensitive Series

Your cosmetologist analyses your skin on the basis of three skin tests to determine which products best suit your skin.