Happiness formula for day and night.
Awaken and laugh.

It's seven o'clock in the morning: Enjoy your skin care. Use the best to protect and regenerate your skin. A day with labiocome awakens and releases endorphins.
In the evening after 10: Nourish your skin. Revitalize your complexion with replenishing and invigorating ingredients. labiocome's wide assortment of products defines "The Happiness Formula for Beauty".
All skin care lines, products and masks are selected in accordance with the results of your skin analysis - specific to your skin type. Your cosmetologist will tailor your treatment plan to your specific needs. When all is said and done - your focus is long-lasting results.

Basic Care

Identify your skin care needs by having your skin examined at the cosmetics institute.

Anti Aging & Sensitive

Prevent wrinkles, soften fine lines,
tighten up your complexion.

Botanicals at
their finest

Everything for sensitive skin in need of regeneration. 
All with very gentle ingredients.

Body care
with figure flair

Firming, moisturizing, hydrating and wellness. labiocome products provide your skin with the feeling of total wellbeing.

Sumptuous XXL Eye Lashes,
beautiful long eye lashes

The new way to long, strong and sumptuous lashes. No glue needed. Consultations available at your cosmetics institute.

Powerful masks
for all occasions

You can choose between rejuvenation and relaxation masks. Or flash-lifting masks for visible firming.


Many liquid solutions/serums, such as hyaluronic acid, can be applied at home using the Sono Handy.

This penetrates the skin

A small hand-held Sono is the ticket. Now you can apply hyaluronic acid and fine biomaterials deep into your skin. See how quickly your complexion appears younger and firmer, all the while allowing your connective tissue to regenerate. A lightening lift for those days you want to look especially good and young.

Your cosmetologist will show you how to use it for maximum effect. Total Beautification with labiocome.